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Brennamen Fire 1910

MC3-Brennaman_fire_1909 (2).jpg
Photograph of the Brennamen Fire in 1910

Brennamen Fire 1910

Photograph of the Brennamen fire in 1910

Email concerning publication of Library Contract on City Web Site. February 2011.

This is an email from Jerd Morstattler from the city of Decatur asking if the library contract could be posted on the city web site. The AFSCME, Fire, and Police contracts are posted. February 2011

Firefighters Practicing Falls

Firefighters practicing catching falling civilians taken in the early 1900's.

Library Block Fire

Photograph of the Library Block taken 2/21/1892 after the fire. Photo taken from Southwest looking toward the south west corner of the building.

North Main St. Garage, 530 N. Main

Photograph of Building at 530 N. Main St. James G. Parker, agent for Haynes, Reo, White Pleasure and Commercial automobiles built this garage in 1911-12. In 1915 he sold the building to W. C. Starr. This building was destroyed by fire May 23, 1928.…

Photo of Building at 316 N. Main St.

Photograph of building at 316 N. Main St., believed to be taken about 1889, was found in the personal effects of Byron Askins, who died in 1949. The picture is of the building at 316 N. Main street and a part of the Library Block. The house at the…

Photo of the Coliseum Restaurant

BS800-Coliseum Tavern_Former Fair Grounds_Built 1923.jpg
Photograph of the Coliseum Restaurant built in 1923, burned in 1925, rebuilt, and burned again in 1933. Shown in the photo is a view of the Coliseum, formerly the property of the Macon County Fair Association but more recently a beer tavern and dance…